Thursday, October 13, 2016

Panasonic's Incredible Transparent Display and How It Can Make Your Home Smarter (video)

This post is a look back on Panasonic's introduction of their fully-functional Transparent TV back in CES2016 and how this fancy piece of glass can integrate into the home of the future. The tech is incredible and hopefully not far in getting to market.
-Check out the display in action and how it could work within a connected home.

The widescreen television was housed in a bookcase and allowed you to make the screen temporarily translucent, letting you see items (vinyl record covers, sculptures, vases, ets.) on the shelf behind it. In addition to the almost translucent display, the television also features a gesture-controlled music app that lets you spin a carousel of your digital music over half of the display while the other half continues to give you a see-through view behind the display. 

via mashable 

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