Thursday, October 20, 2016

An Underwater Nightclub... 'Cuz, Why Not..?? (video)

Just when you thought there was nothing to do on a Saturday night... 
Yup, this is an underwater nightclub in New York City, Hudson River. Before you grab your swimsuit you may want to read more about it below.
Check out the video of it here:

FYI: This nightclub is not a real place, but instead part of a video campaign put together by the clever  team at Thinkmodo for the watch company TechnoMarine.

Michael Krivicka: TechnoMarine, a Genva based luxury watch brand, challenged us to create a unique marketing video to promote their new waterproof watches. They asked for something fun, cool, and original. Since their watches are waterproof, illuminate in low light conditions and since they wanted something "cool" and "fun" we figured we would create an environment that would address all of these things. So somehow we ended up pitching the world's first underwater nightclub to them. They loved it. 

via adweek

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