Friday, June 17, 2016

TAKE MY MONEY NOW...!! A Machine That Folds Your Clothes (video)

Yup, you read correctly... This is the FoldiMate, a household machine that folds your laundry so you don't have to. Learn more about it and watch a video of it in action below:

About the size of a clothes dryer, the FoldiMate (horrible name) has a price tag of $700-$850 and is set to be available for preorders in 2017 and public purchase in 2018. And before you get too excited by it full-automated expectations... don't. Because there is some set-up time by the user before the machine can actually get to work. For instance, there isn't a giant hopper you dump your laundry into. Instead each article of clothing has to be individually inserted in a front loading rack prior to turning it on. 

The inner workings of the FoldiMate do sound intriguing – if the product works as the company promises. The FoldiMate draws clipped clothing into an inner chamber where a series of mechanisms robotically flip, fold and flatten cloth items into shape. Floodgate also subjects clothes in the chamber to a special treatment similar to the Whirlpool Swash that includes steam, perfume and fabric softeners. The result say the people behind FoldiMate, will be garments that are neatly folded, expertly layered and ready for your wardrobe. The machine is suppose to be swift too, tackling laundry loads twice as fast as  you would if you folded them manually. 
via cnet

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