Sunday, March 27, 2016

WANT THIS....!! Microsoft's Holoportation Promises Virtual 3D Teleportation (video demo)

This week Microsoft introduced an amazing direction for their innovative HoloLens. They call is Holoportation and it has countless user applications which includes full 3D Teleportation. I would have to admit, when fully refined, this could be a game changer in how we communicate moving forward.
-Check out the official introduction demo below:

With Holoportation, you can conference with another person in real time while engaging in a completely 3-dimensinal space. In the video above you can see the technology at work, and it's definitely something incredible. By standing in rooms surrounded by sensors, two people wearing HoloLens are able to see each other in the same room. The technology uses these sensors to create and then subsequently texture a model of a person, and then project it onto the other person's HoloLens. 

via winbeta

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