Friday, December 4, 2015

Virtual Racing on a REAL Tack... Where Do I Sign Up..??!! (video)

The following video (like the VR Zombie post we did last week) is not only is Brilliant, but also opens up a whole new possibility in where we see virtual reality heading. Watch these two professional drivers race head to head on a real world race track while wearing head mounted VR goggles bringing their race into a fantasy arena. The point-of-view experience that the drivers have seen must have been incredible.

-Check out the full video below:  

Just imagine the possibilities of wearing VR goggles in the physical world; merging virtual experiences with physical inertia. These virtual races can bring dozens of drivers to race on the surface of Mars, flying spaceships over the surface of a space station, racing flying dragons.... the possibilities are endless.

via wsj 

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