Friday, December 4, 2015

Fleye: Your Personal Flying Robot... (video)

Fleye may look like a robot from the new Star Wars movie, but it is actually the new player in the flying 'drone' arena. What makes Fleye unique is that it not only makes the unit safer by enclosing all the spinning rotors, but also creates a friendlier and approachable robot that can be used in multiple scenarios, from the ski hills to the office space.

-Learn more about it and watch the Kickstarter video below:    

The main innovation of Fleye is its unique spherical design, where all moving parts are fully shielded. This means that you can hold, touch, push, and bump into Fleye without any risks of injuring yourself and others. It also means that Fleye will be more robust when bumping into something. 

Fleye has a powerful on-board computer, similar to the latest smartphones. It is a dual-core ARM A9, with hardware accelerated video encoding, two GPUs, 512MB of RAM and it runs Linux. It also supports the popular Computer Vision library OpenCV. This means that Fleye can be programmed to execute mission autonomously, reacting to what it sees in its environment. 

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