Monday, November 9, 2015

Take a Ride in the Nissan IDS Autonomous Concept Car (video)

Japanese automaker Nissan isn't sitting by the sidelines while Google, Tesla and Apple are getting the attention with their Self-Driving Car projects. At this years fall autoshow, Nissan showcased their entry into the market with their concept IDS autonomous vehicle.

Below is a video highlighting the IDS and its many incredible features: 

Crafted entirely out of carbon fiber, the IDS wears an evolution of Nissan's current design language that stands out thanks to angular headlights surrounded by C-shaped LED daytime running lights, a U-shaped grille with a back-lit Nissan emblem, a carbon fiber splitter and a sculpted hood. The back end gets a roof-mounted spoiler, a blacked-out C-pillar, and boomerang-shaped tail lamps that are almost Juke-like. 

The IDS puts an equal emphasis on form and function. Its belt line is accented by thin strips of blue LEDs installed to interact with the car's surroundings in real time. For example, the LEDs shine white when the IDS gets close to a pedestrian or a cyclist in order to let them know that the car's sensors, radars and cameras are aware of them. Similarly, an outward-facing screen on the dashboard displays friendly messages such as "after you" directed at pedestrians and other motorists. 

read more about the IDS at this link

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