Friday, November 6, 2015

Introducing the New Beats Pill+ (pics and video)

Last month Beats (*ahem Apple) released their new line up of bluetooth Pill speakers, called the Beats Pill+. Overall it is a substantial upgrade from the previous model, not just in the physical size, but also with the power that it puts out.
-Check out photos and a video of it below:
It might have a "b" logo on the top, but it's easy to see the influence of a certain Cupertino fruit company in the Beats Pill+. The portable Bluetooth speaker is still shaped like its name suggests, but is far more mature than its predecessor, with a clean grille up front and only four buttons up top, It offers 12 hours of battery life, the ability to charge your phone via the USB port on the back (it unsuprisingly comes with a Lightning cable), and compatibility with the new Pill+app that helps manage multiple users and lets you join multiple sets together, either playing in unison or split in a left/right setup for better separation. Available in white or black.

Retail:  $229

via uncrate

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