Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Introducing the Glowforge, a 3D Laser Printer (video)

We all know 3D laser cutting and engraving has been widely used in manufacturing for decades. A company called Glowforge is brining this tech to the consumer with a reasonable consumer price tag.
Glowforge will allow the user to produce professional results within the comfort of their own home.
-Learn more about it and watch a introduction video for Glowforge below:  

It is really exciting to see this tech becoming available to the consumer. Soon products such as these will be a common household device, like a microwave or ink jet printer... 
Glowforge uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. Design with the software you're used to. Not a designer? Choose a design from a dozen of categories like personal electronics, jewelry, toys, furniture, leather goods, lighting, containers, art, and more. 
Glowforge is compatible with Mac, PC and tablets. Currently it is available for pre-order only and starts with the price of $1,995. The units will begin shipping out December 2015.   

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