Friday, October 23, 2015

Mark your Calendars, 'Demolition Man Day' is Coming in 2032... Here are 10 Predictions From the Movie.

Now that the long awaited 'Back To The Future Day' on October 21, 2015 has sadly come and gone... we can look forward to the upcoming 'Demolition Day' arriving in 2032.
It is amazing to see that we all now live in the future world Marty McFly traveled to in BTTF. Many of the future predictions of the cult-movie did in fact come true (minus the flying cars)... We now have the future year of 2032 from the 1993 movie Demolition Man to look forward to.

Below are 10 future predictions from the movie, what we currently have today and what we may see in 17-years...
-Check out the list below:  

As we go through this list, keep in mind that the movie Demolition Man was released in 1993...
What are your thoughts? Do you know of anymore to add to the list...?

1:  Self Driving Cars
 Google has been testing their fleet of self-driving cars for the past few years. Other big players such as Tesla, Uber and Apple are now in the game as well. Tesla this past week provided a software update to their cars that now allow them to drive (with limitations) themselves. It is only a matter of time until cars are fully autonomous.

2:  Arnold Schwarzenegger in Politics
This one kinda came true. In the movie it was mentioned that Arnie was president of the United States. Although this could never happen since he is not a US citizen, he was the Governor of California for two terms. 

3:  Tablets and Video Calling
We don't have to wait for 2032 for tablets. This one has come true and was made widely popular and mainstream with Apple's iPad in 2010. Also video calling is now a normal way of communicating with Skype and Apple's FaceTime.

5:  Telepresence Conference Meetings 
 This one is nails it on the head when it comes to video teleconferencing. Today this is the preferred way of meeting with services such as GoToMeeting, when members are unable to physically attend a meeting. The movie takes it ones step further with telepresence displays that rotate to follow the speaker.

6:  Voice Activated Devices 

Voice activated devices are here today.... we have natural speaking digital assistance made popular with Google Now, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Amazon is now in the game as well with Alexa. All these digital assistances work really well and learn the user's behavior, it is intriguing to think what the these services will be like in the year 2032.

7:  'How-To' Video Tutorials

Please keep in mind that this movie came out in 1993. This clip from the movie nails it on the head when it comes to video 'how to' videos... made popular by today's YouTube.

8:  Biometric Implants and Wearables
With today's wearable's such as Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens and a Oculus Rift. Who knows what the future of 2032 may hold when it comes to wearables and human connection. 
2015 is said to be the year of the wearables. Pebble, Apple Watch, FitBit, Samsung Gear models are leading the way to the future. Also, brain powered devices are proving successful with amputees. 

9: Cryogenics
This year a 30-year old Russian man volunteered to have his body cryogenically frozen in the name of science. This is a developing story, more news to come. Stay tuned :) 

10: Politically Correctness
This goes without saying.... it is just the world we live in now. 

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