Monday, October 5, 2015

Because Regular Bike Locks Are For Poor People... Incredible Automated Underground Bicycle Parking (video)

Oh Japan, why am I not surprised with your over the top gadgets and tech...??! 
Check out this video below of an automated underground bicycle parking garage in Japan called the ECO-Cycle.

Developed by the company Giken Ltd., the ECO-Cycle is an automated underground parking garage that keeps your bike secure and off of the crowded congested streets of Tokyo, Japan. The ECO-Cycle boasts to be theft proof, immune to earthquakes and protects it from bad weather.  With a $21 a month membership, all the rider has to do is scan their membership card and the automated parking safely takes your bike to one of the 240 parking spots (other locations offer up to 800 spots), 11 meters underground, in less than 20-seconds.


Anonymous said...

wow, that is cool. thanks for sharing!

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