Thursday, July 2, 2015

Check This One Off The To-Do List... Scientists Invent Mid-Air Holograms You Can Physically Touch (video)

Wow... this is one step closer to making pretty much every sci-fi movie out there a reality.
Scientists from the Digital Nature Group have created holograms that 'literally' float in mid-air that you can reach out and touch. Currently the team are calling these holo-displays "fairy lights". When ou watch the video of it below.... you will understand why :)

-Check out a video demo of it in action below:

The team has been using a host of lasers, lenses and mirrors to create holograms suspended in the air that humans can touch. This technology means that holograms can now move away from two-dimensional surfaces and enter the limitless three-dimensional world. And since the holograms are touchable, they become interactive: whiny touch a holo-heart it breaks in two, or when you touch a checkbox a tick appears in it.

via iflscience 

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