Monday, March 2, 2015

Very Cool: The Minimalistic "Myk" Clock. (video)

When I first saw the "Myk" clock, the flexible fabric face reminded me of the BMW prototype car GINA... Although just a prototype and still in the testing phase, the elegant design is sure to be  a hit with any modern contemporary home or lifestyle...  

...the minimalist "Myk" is intended to reduce the visual clutter of the work environment and reduce the stress commonly associated with living our lives by the clock.

via core77


Anonymous said...

This looks waaaay too similar to Sabine Marcelis'design completed in early 2009......

not cool.

chet rosales said...

The "Myk" clock is very similar to the Sabine Marcelis's Wall Clock in many ways.
Thanks for the Heads up...!

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