Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Microsoft's HoloLens Look Very Promising (video)

Microsoft introduced today their latest innovative product and it looks very promising, called HoloLens. It's a wearable that succeeds where Google Glass has failed; by showcasing practical and professional uses of the product rather than focusing how it can be used on a public/consumer level by 'trying' to be 'fashionable'.
The video below hits both professional and consumer applications and looks very promising. Let's hope Microsoft, after their not well received Microsoft Band, hits this one out of the park.
-Check it out below:

Keynote: Live Demo

HoloLens is totally wireless and untethered. It has a CPU, GPU, and "Holographic Processor" built-in, and it doesn't need to sync to a smartphone or desktop. You control it using gestures or your voice, and it also follows your eye movements. It doesn't incorporate a heads-up display like Google Glass has. Instead it creates holographic screens and objects that look like they're in the environment around you. Microsoft also says that the headset provides surround sound. 
Microsoft says it will release HoloLens around the same time as Windows 10 later this year, so the device seems to be more than a prototype pipe dream. 

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