Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Very Cool... Attachable Handcycle for Wheelchairs (video)

This is another design that is at the top of my 'Why didn't I think of this' list... 

Check out the video below showing this brilliant design for an electric powered hand cycle attachment for a wheelchair. 
Well done... well done :) 

Hit the link at the bottom to review the Amazon page featuring the Firefly Electric Attachable Handcycle for Wheelchair:

• Firefly electric attachable hand cycle for wheelchair
• Converts your manual wheelchair into a 10mph speed machine!
• Go the distance with a high-capacity battery that lets you travel over 15 real-world miles (24 km) on a single charge.
• Get there quickly with a powerful and quiet hub motor that climbs the hills for you.
• Remove the strain from your shoulders, maneuverable, easy to control direction even on side slope.

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bryan flake said...

That is the coolest invention ever. I'm in a wheelchair and I get super tired of rolling everywhere under my own man power. From the looks of this device, it would seem like you'd be attaching a motorcycle to your wheelchair. This could probably be a very cost effective version of an electric wheelchair for those that don't fully need the electric type all the time.

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