Friday, December 19, 2014

Pee Comfortably in Public with the P-TREE.

Happy Friday Everyone...!! 

Now that summer is upon us, there are many activities to do outside... festivals, concerts and of course the occasional piss on a tree. Dutch design studio, Aandeboom may have a solution to the male audience for peeing outside comfortably. The P-TREE is just what it looks like, a plastic urinal that is mounted on a tree for open-public urination. In-fact the Dutch Studio created 50 of these things and placed them all over at Denmark's Roskilde Festival (see video below). 

The P-TREE is a temporary tree-friendly urinal that can be fixed on every tree using straps and lashings. The P-tree gives a feeling of freedom during peeing. It is the same as peeing into the wild. The hoses from the urinal can be combined and connected on a waste pipe with container. The P-tree is very accessible for festivals, public gardens, events, etc. P-tree and Lashings are available in different RAL-colors.

via core77

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