Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fun Fact: Yup, Oscar The Grouch Was 'Originally' Orange... (video)

Here's a fun-fact for your Thursday...
Did you know that your fun-loving Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street wasn't always the hairy green monster that you remember? Turns out he was originally planned to be orange.
-Check out more pics and a video from one of the first episodes back in 1969 below: 

It doesn't end there.... 
That's not the whole story, though. Originally, Oscar the Grouch wasn't supposed to be orange or green. He was suppose to be magenta. (See design sketch below)
The reason why the world never saw a magenta Oscar, however, is a technical one. At the time, color TVs were relatively rudimentary and couldn't handle the color magenta very well. So Oscar became an orange grouch instead. 

via gactually.gizmodo

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