Monday, November 3, 2014

Ancient Intelligent Design Discovered on Mars...?? (video)

NASA recently released these incredible photos from Mars of what seems to be a ancient intelligent design fossilized within the rock. Just by looking at the pics, it is pretty clear that it is not a natural formation... what could it be??
The photo, reportedly taken near Mars' Gale Crater, shows a rock fragment with a circular imprint with moth, round edges with what appears to be rings and bolts.

Before you rush in strapping on your tin-foil hat... there may be a simple explanation for this odd discovery.
...the circular imprint that is visible on rock fragments may be from an arm or hammer from a probe on NASA's Mars Curiosity rover, comparing the imprint to parts of the rover shown on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory website. 

What are your thoughts...?
Is it of 'alien' design or simply an imprint made from our own rover...??

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