Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Black & White Clock. (3pics)

Designed by Vadim Kibardin, the Black & White Clock is sure to impress... 
The design is modern as it is simple... it is so simple that there isn't a case at all, just the digital figures hanging on your wall...! 
I'm sure we've all seen the analog wall clock without a case, it's interesting to see the digital version come to life.  

Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control, it can be fixed to any surface autonomously. A light sensor will switch the clock to an invert mode: the figures are white in the dark time of day and black at daytime. “For me, a project or an idea, which is ahead of time, is a concept. Many concepts will be realized by the studio’s efforts, but while they are in this section, you have the opportunity to purchase a package with all the necessary information and enliven any of them.” says Vadim. 

via 5magazine

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