Friday, July 11, 2014

Vessyl: A Smart Cup That Tracks What You Drink (video)

Vessyl is a 13oz SmartCup that not only tracks what you drink throughout the day, but it also has sensors within that can read and calculate the contents in the drink (i.e sugar, caffeine, calories, etc).
Sounds interesting? See for yourself in the video below:
Vessyl is exactly what is sounds like: A 13-ounce vessel that analyzes its contents and keeps track of them by beaming data to your phone through Bluetooth. Wanna know how much sugar is in that IPA? Or how many calories you just consumed at Blue Bottle? Vessyl will tell you - and it'll keep track of your habits over time. According to the company, Vessyl can do some incredible things using its proprietary technology, the details of which the company remains very mum on. Not only can it automatically calculate the sugar, calories and caffeine in your morning cup of joe - it can also recognize brands. If your drinking a Starbucks-made latte, it knows. 

pretty cool
...but I think it was pretty funny when the guy (at .30) pours a beer from the beer can into the cup just to find out that what he just poured was beer, Ha!  

via gizmodo

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