Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Incredible Balloon Bench (3pics)

This incredible Balloon Bench by Japanese design firm h220430 was inspired by the French movie 'Le  Ballon Rouge' [1953] and is guaranteed to bring out your child imagination... and I mean the creative fantasy kind of imagination and not the I'm in my underwear and have an invisible friend named Mr. Bigglebury kind of imagination that you have... not saying it's true, I'm just sayin'....  

....anyhow, the bench appears to be floating, but [SPOILER ALERT] the balloons aren't real. They are actually made of plastic, bolted to the ceiling via 4 anchors and have rigid rods connected to the bench suspended below... sorry to ruin the magic of the Balloon Bench, but it's true and it's awesome! 

via h220430

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