Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Kick Of The World Cup Will Be Made By A Paraplegic in a Robotic Suit

Science and Technology is amazing...!!
When you tune into the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Word Cup, you will witness history in the making when a paraplegic will walk onto the field and give the first kick while wearing an 'Iron Man' robotic suit that is controlled with his brain... 
Yup, you read correctly.... HIS BRAIN...!!! 

The futuristic, albeit pretty bulky, bodysuit will not only allow the individual, whose identity is currently a secret, to walk and kick the ball but they will also be able to experience the sensation of touch thanks to electronic circuits which relay signals back to the brain via an artificial skin. "It's the first time an exoskeleton has been controlled by brain activity and offered feedback to the patients." (read more at the link below)

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