Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Future is NOW: Google's Self Driving Car... for real (video)

Yup, leave it to tech giant Google to create a fully-functional self driving car. We've posted about this innovation before during its early development... but now they have come a long way to make the streets safer and your commute more enjoyable with a car that literally drives itself. 
-Check out a video of it in action below: 

The vehicle looks very similar to two-passenger subcompact "smart cars" cuttingly on the market, but there are some distinct noticeable differences: no steering wheel or pedals to accelerate/decelerate. Human drivers actually play a very small role in operating the vehicle. To operate the car, the passenger merely presses a button to start the car and then inputs the destination into the car's computer that utilizes Google Maps. The car does the rest. 
On the top of the car, a sensor spins around that actively monitors surroundings in all directions over 180 meters (0.1 mile) away. The car's computer gains information through both laser and radar sensors and will tai camera data into account as well. This feature eliminates blind spots, making intersections and changing lanes in traffic much safer.

The small fleet of vehicles Google currently has in use are for research and testing purposes only and not yet ready for public use or purchase (put your wallet away). Because these cars are working prototypes built for research purposes; they have a clear plastic windshield, a hard plastic and foam exterior and not equipped with any entertainment features such as a radio or bluetooth connectivity. They have a top speed of 25/mph (for safety purposes)

Before you think this concept is deep in research and far from being spotted in your neighborhood... think again. Finished production models may hit the market as soon as 2016...!! 

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