Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Orbiting Laser-Satellites To Boost SolarPower Efficiency (video)

China recently announced their latest plan on harnessing solar energy more efficiently... with Laser-Satellites...!!
Orbiting satellites equipped with high-intesity lasers will captures sun-light and direct it to a field of solar panels on Earth's surface with a focused beam of light.... sounds like something out of a movie, guess again... 
Cheng Huang, a researcher working with the CNSA (China National Space Adminstration) stated that the laser-satellite program, which began in 2002, has recently finished its final testing phase with 100% results. The CNSA is scheduled to launch two additional satellites late next month to join the first one already in orbit. The CNSA hopes to get them into position and ready for commercial use by August. 
Three solar-fields in different parts of China are prepped and ready to go, each the size of 8 football fields. Huang stated that each field will be capable of producing enough energy to power 120,000 homes a year. 
The project is ambitious, but Huang and his team are confident that the project will be the beginning to a whole new era of harnessing solar energy...

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