Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nike Patent Reveals BTTF2 Power Laces Will Be a Reality After All...!!

We've written about Nike having a patent for power self-adjusting laces before. In recent patent news, Nike has filed for a newer patent refining the concept and pairing your power lacing shoes with your iPhone, iPod Sensor and Nike Fuelband. 
-Check out the patent files below: 
Nike's new system will allow professional athletes and sporting enthusiasts alike to program their running shoes so they could attain the ultimate comfort level each and every time they put their runners on, It'll provide athletes with a snugness that's unique to their needs. It's an automatic shoe lace adjustment system on steroids. Your laces will never come undone again at any time. More importantly, Nike's patent clearly confirms that this new system will work with Apple's iPhone and the Nike + iPod system including the iPod sensor. 

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