Thursday, April 24, 2014

Incredible House in Pavilniai Regional Park. Modern Home Built 'Around' an Old Historic Brick Lodge (7pics)

Located just outside Vilnius, Lithuania, this incredible residential home designed by Architektu Biuras G.Natkevičius takes historic renovation to the next level.... They wanted to preserve the architectural remains of a old yellow brick lodge. Instead of just renovating it, they also wrapped the entire historic building with a modern outer glass construction.
-Check out more pics below: 

“The custumer is a banker and antique book collector. A four member family house. Cleaning the plaster of a house revealed that the lodge had been built by ancient bricks which were made in a old Vilnius brick factories. The historical house structure have been carefully restored. Library of a collection of ancient books equipped in the basement of historical lodge. On the ground floor- childrens bedrooms and in the attic- master bedrooms.”
The outer glass enclosure not only has an ultra-chic modern appearance, it also offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding regional park.... WOW!  

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