Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scottish Ruins Turned into a Beautiful Modern Home.

This is a great home restoration example...!! 
WT Architecture took the ruins of a mid-1700 house on the Scottish Isle of Coll and transformed it into a modern/contemporary residence. Not only did they bring new life to a decaying building, they also created an environmentally sensitive home. Amazing...  
-Check out more pics below: 

The White House's fractured fa├žade forms the perfect bookend for the new building, contributing great character and history while protecting the new home from the brutal Atlantic winds. Step inside and you'll find yourself firmly in the 21st century - the home features sweeping banks of glass that face the breaking ocean, open living spaces, and locally sourced low-impact materials. The home also takes advantage of passive design strategies to lower its energy demand. A large bank of windows allows daylight to shine on the well-insulated blue slate floor, which in turn warms the upper stories on either side. The original stone walls shield the home from the prevailing winds and provide a sheltered courtyard. The home is designed to be naturally cooled, and a green roof over the center of the home helps maintain its internal temperature.

via inhabitat

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