Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Call 'Fake'... Huvrtech Brings Hover Boards To Reality (video)

There is a video going around by Huvrtech that basically brings all childhood fantasies to reality with the introduction of a real functioning Hover Board that we've all seen from the Back to the Future movie franchise. The video has some impressive celebrity endorsements such as skateboard pro Tony Hawk, musician Moby and the crazy scientist himself Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown).
Check out the short video put forth by Huvrtech below: 

As much as we all want this product to be real... we have to take a step back into reality to realize this video was made just for fun.The Huvrtech team created a video that is very well edited, executed and even has the celebrity cameos and demos... why wouldn't you want to believe? 

via huvrtech

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