Friday, March 21, 2014

Mobile Phones From 1964… (4pics)

Cellphones are a dime a dozen nowadays... everybody and their mother has one.
Turns out, mobile phones as we know it aren't a new gadget after all.... they're not 10 or 20 years old... not 30 or 40 years either... How 'bout over 50+ years....!!  

These rugged/shock-proof phones from the 1960's didn't run on a cellular network like todays phones, but instead 'hijacked' nearby radio waves for communication. They were so powerful, that car headlights dimmed when you talked on them... now that's powerful!
...calls had to be manually paired by a remote operator. They were huge. They were heavy. They were very expensive. And yet, by 1964, there were 1.5 million people using them in the US—running on AT&T's "Improved Mobile Telephone Service" tech.

via gizmodo

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