Monday, February 10, 2014

Sochi Digital Building Makes Giant 3D 'Selfies' (video)

The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full-swing and not only is the event bringing in the top athletes on the planet... it is also debuting some impressive tech as well. 
Check out this digital building located on Olympic Park in Sochi. It takes photos of the guests' faces and blows them up 3,500x on a giant 3D screen... WOW! 

-video of it in action below: 
"For thousands of years people have used portraiture to record their history on the landscape, buildings and through public art," says its creator, London-based architect Asif Khan. "Selfies, emoticons, Facebook and FaceTime have become universal shorthand for communicating in the digital age. My instinct was to try and harness that immediacy in the form of sculpture, to turn the everyday moment into something epic."
The 2,000 sq m pavilion, for mobil phone giant and Olympic sponsor MegaFon, contains photo booths where visitors' faces are scanned, before being transferred on to the facade through 11,000 mechanical actuators, like a giant Pin Art toy - blown up 3,500 times the size of your real face. "Each actuator carries a translucent sphere at its tip that contains an RGB-LED light, allowing an image or video to be simultaneously displayed on the facade," says Valentin Spiess of Basel-based engineering company iart,  which developed the system. "Each sphere acts as one pixel within the entire facade and can be extended by up to two meters as part of a three-dimensional shape. But the process will be as fast and simple as using a commercial photo booth."

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