Thursday, February 6, 2014

Question: Are Olympic Gold Medals Made of Real Gold...?? You'll Be Surprised. (video)

For those who missed it... 
The 2014 Olympics in Sochi kicked off today with hundreds of the world's top athletes in line waiting to compete for the prized gold medal. 
This leaves us wondering... are the Gold Medals reaaaallly made of gold...??? 

-watch the video from DNews below and see for yourself: 

Although the size and weight of the medals vary from each Olympic Games to the next, the International Olympic Committee requires that the Gold Medal be made of 92.5% silver, plated with 'at least' 6-grams of gold (1.45% gold), with the remaining 6% made of copper. 

The Gold Metal is made mostly of silver...!! In-fact the amount of gold plate used is comparable to weight of just three pennies :) 

via DNews

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