Sunday, February 2, 2014

I WANT THIS: The 'Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon' Wristwatch... (video)

Remember this one...?? 
This amazing wristwatch design by Thomas Prescher is pretty interesting considering that the face is see-through and the incredible interior components, the tourbillon and number dials are completely visible... 
Hit the jump to see a video of it in action: 

This mysterious watch with its transparency led automatically to the wish to wear it from sides, front and back. With the calendar located on the flat side of the oscillating weight this indication is always facing upward. It can be read regardless of which side of the watch is up.
Place to hide the movement was found left and right in the case, hidden by the bezel. Because the space is very limited the parts of the movement had to be located on both sides. 


I like the Contemporary/Steampunk-ish design of it and how I can see my skin through the transparent face...BONUS! I wonder how much this watch will set me back and when and how dust will accumulate within the watch face.... hhhmmm?? Either way, I'm adding it to my Christmas list :) 

via watchismo

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