Monday, February 3, 2014

Flexible Solar Panels Make For Easy Installation.

Harnessing the sun's energy is a great way to contribute to bettering the environment.... except production and installation of traditional solar panels can get pricey and not too mention visually 'bulky' up on your roof. 
Perhaps these flexible Solar Panels are the answer. 

SoloPower’s new flexible rolling solar panels are in the latter group, and they stand to significantly reduce production and installation costs. With a notable 11% efficiency, the easily-installed thin-film panels may be able to give traditional silicon panels a run for the money. Rather than using expensive glass and aluminum frames, these units can be literally rolled directly onto metal or flat roofs — thus saving money in materials, time and the extra engineering and upgrades a traditional rack would take.

via inhabitat 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling attention to these Chet. I love metal roofing in the first place because it's just so sensible, and the fact that solar panels can now be installed between the standing seems is GREAT! I was told that the flexible solar panels are not as efficient as the "inflexible" ones - do you know how the two compare? - Corrie

chet rosales said...

Hi Corrie, check out this (lengthy) article posted in 2008 on the subject:

Two years have gone by and the tech on flexible solar cells have evolved to 'printing them out' with a printer! Although they may not be as efficient as the traditional panels, they are cheaper and easier to produce, install and maintain, saving money in the long run... Also the flexible nature allows for a smaller carbon footprint.

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