Monday, February 24, 2014

Fighting Illiteracy With a 'Heavy Weight' Typeface (video)

Heavy weight champion Wladimir Klitschko teamed up with Monotype to fight illiteracy with these 'knock out' typefaces...  
-Check the new typeface and how they were created within the video below: 

Fists slick with blue pigment, Klitschko is using his hands to paint 26 letters of a new typeface, with all proceeds going to combat illiteracy. The 26 prints created by Klitschko were then digitally scanned and used by Monotype to generate the font. Both the prints and the font will be sold on eBay over the next 10 days (at this link). Any money raised will be donated to BILD's 'A Heart For Children' charity, which aims to combat illiteracy internationally. 

via fastcodesign

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