Tuesday, January 21, 2014

VIDEO: Inflatable Wetsuit is a Lifesaver

Wanna go in the ocean, but don't know how to swim...? or do you want to sport the latest in wetsuit tech while catching some waves...? 

You gotta check out the world's first inflatable wetsuit, the V1
One of the top/Best surfers in the world, Shane Dorian contracted Billabong's wetsuit designer Hub Hubbard to create this super techy yet practical device. This is another design first that I am left questioning why it hasn't been thought of before and why I did not think of this first...! 

It works just like an airplane life vest.  You pull a cord, a CO2 cartridge instantly inflates an air bladder, and you are rocketed back to the surface.  If, after enduring a situation where you actually had to use this thing, you're crazy enough to want more, paddle back to shore (the inflated bladder is on your back to facilitate paddling), swap out the CO2 cartridge, and you're all set to go back out and almost drown again.
Although the V1 has had plenty of real-world field testing, it is not available for purchase (yet).

via gizmodo

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