Monday, January 6, 2014

TREWGrip: Reverse Typing Keyboard Case for iOS and Android Devices

The TrewGrip mobile QWERTY keyboard is a handheld keyboard mount for your iOS and/or Android device. It allows the user to type on a keyboard that is located on the backside for each of your hands... may sound and look crazy, but the creators think otherwise... 

Having the keyboard on the backside allows the user to take full advantage of the display and eliminates any smudges and fingerprints from using the touch-display keyboard. 
Though the keys look like they're in a complete random order, they're actually laid out in QWERTY. If you place your index finger starting on the F and the J key, the rest of your fingers will align to how they'd be on a keyboard. Basically a standard keyboard is split and rotated around. 
The TrewGrip is a 'hefty' device (especially when intended for mobile devices) and isn't expected to go on sale until Q4 of 2014. The retail price is said to be between $250-$350. Yikes...!!

via gizmodo

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