Monday, January 13, 2014

The (New) Tactus Disappearing Keyboard Case (video)

Tactus came back to CES 2014 with a much improved tablet keyboard case that has physical buttons that magically appear when you need them and vanish when you don't, right on your touchscreen display. 
It was incredible to see last year and just as amazing to see now.
Check it out in the video demo below: 
How do the buttons work? The underlying technology that enables the Tactile Layer is called microfluidics. Small fluid channels are routed throughout the Tactile Layer and enable fluid to expand the top polymer layer to create the physical buttons.
Tactus provides a new dimension of user interface with fundamentally unique solution: application-controlled, completely transparent physical buttons that rise up from the touch-screen surface on demand. With the buttons enabled, users can push and type or rest their fingers as they would with any physical button or keyboard. When the buttons are disabled, they recede into the screen, becoming invisible and leaving a smooth, seamless flat touch0screen with maximum viewing area. 
Pretty cool, huh? 
What are your thoughts, would you be interested in having this tech on your tablet...?? 

via tactustechnology

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