Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TEK RMD: A New Device That May Make Wheelchairs Obsolete (video)

The above pictured unit called the TEK Robotic Mobilization Device (TEK RMD) developed by Matia Robotics is not only brilliant, it also allows the user to perform multiple common everyday tasks that a traditional wheelchair would not... 

-Below is a video demonstrating the innovative device. Worth the watch! 

The TEK RMD has been rigorously tested for safety standards. Its sophisticated, weight-balanced suspension system and pressurized springs allows for a safe, gentle sit-and-stand motion and the device holds key balance points on the body for optimal stability.

Standing for at least on hour every day can help with pain management and can protect the cardiovascular system, circulation and bone health. Unlike cane and walkers, the TEK RMD leaves both hands free for daily activities like cooking, cleaning, or carrying items from one room to the another.

via matiarobotics

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