Thursday, January 9, 2014

'Project Christine': A Forward Thinking Desktop PC (video)

Not to be outdone by Apple's new Mac Pro desktop computer design... the leader in the PC gaming industry Razer, introduced at CES 2014 an innovative modular desktop PC called Project Christine. Check it out in the video below: 
"Extreme PC Performance for Everyone" is the slogan that describes what Project Christine is about. With its modular design, you can upgrade or customize this PC by removing and attaching modules in just seconds. You can see how these modules attach when you first look at the PC, but what's not immediately evident is the sophisticated cooling system. Inside modules, oil circulates and exchanges heat with the water that runs in the central cooling tower.This modular system is possible because of the drip-free connectors that are used between each module and the central tower. With this cooling system Project Christine can push performance levels higher while at the same time running considerably quieter compared with air-cooled PCs. 

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