Thursday, January 30, 2014

NAILED IT...!! Depression Era Teachers Predict How Schools Will Be Taught 'On-Line'

I have always loved looking at predictions made generations ago of what the 'future' may look like. This one in particular was made by teachers during the Depression Era (1934) of how schools may operate by the 1960s... not bad, pretty close. 

-See the entire illustration below: 

Although they nailed it with the illustration of a flat-paneled monitor displaying an on-line lecture... but they were a bit off with the date of 1960. This would be more accurate if it was predicted for today or even the near future... 

Do you know of anyone that is taking a course or getting their degree on-line...?? 
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The university of twenty-five years from now will be a different looking place, says President Scott of Northwestern. Instead of concentrating faculty and students around a campus, they will "commute" by air, and the university will be surrounded by airports and hangars. The course will be carried on, to a large extent, by radio and pictures. Facsimile broadcasting and television will enlarge greatly the range of a library; and research may be carried on by scholars at great distances. 
Do you like future predictions like this one...?? 
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