Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MorpHex: An Incredible Transforming Robot/Ball (video)

If you do anything today make sure you watch the video below of Kåre “Zenta” Halvorsen's amazing transforming robot, the MorpHex. This six-legged little guy not only walks around like a crab, but it also can fold up into a sphere and roll around... pretty cool...!!! 
Previously, MorpHex relied on a spider-like walk to get around, but didn’t have a way of moving once it shifted into ball form. Now the motors one side of the sphere can propel it forward, but it still needs a little more work before it will be able to roll in a straight line.

...The MorpHex reminds me of the Droidekas from Star Wars Episode I.
(see video below)

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