Monday, January 27, 2014

Hhmmm... 4,000-Year Old Blueprints for Noah's Ark Discovered...??

The timing of this story is perfect in aiding the campaign for the upcoming Darren Aronofsky NOAH movie starring Russell Crowe.... coincidence?? 

British Museum curator, Irving Finkel discovered a 4,000-year old stone tablet that literally describes all the information needed including materials and dimensions to build an Ark as mentioned in the Book of Genesis
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The tablet "turned out to be one in a million," said Finkel. Dating from 1750 B.C., it tells the Babylonian "Story of the Flood." The Babylonian story, and its similarities to the story recounted in the Book of Genesis, were already known, but this table "has startling new contents," Finkel said. The ark would have had an area of about 2.2 miles squared (3.6 kilometers squared)-about the size of one and half football fields-with walls 20 feet high. 
The aspect of the description that most stunned Finkel, however, is that the ark was round. He said: "To my knowledge, no one has ever thought of that possibility."

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