Thursday, January 23, 2014

Helvetica... the Perfume??

Yup, it finally happened. 
The popular typeface Helvetica, has its own official perfume (kinda')... for all the romantic occasions that you wish to feel ordinary and common... 
Oakland-based branding agency Guts and Glory has launched the ultimate modernist Helvetica-inspired "perfume" - the scent of nothing. The art object (2 oz bottle of distilled water) is printed with 24-karot gold lettering. 

In 1957, Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann set out to create a new sans-serif typeface for the Swiss design market. Their goal: to create a highly legible and completely neutral expression of the Modernist design movement to which they belonged. This typeface was to have no intrinsic meaning, allowing the content to convey the message.

Helvetica has gone on to become arguably the most ubiquitous and widely used typeface in history. 

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