Friday, December 13, 2013

Typo Keyboard Case for iPhone Brings Back the QWERTY (video)

Smartphones with full multi-touch displays and virtual keyboards have been going strong for over 6-years now... most of us have adapted to the smooth glass keyboards, but there are some that miss the good 'ol physical QWERTY 'Blackberry-ish' keyboard. 

If your part of the latter group, your in luck with this new Typo Keyboard for the iPhone 5/5S.
-Check out the product video below: 

The Typo Keyboard Case sounds like a great idea for the iPhone 5, but for the 5S it makes the Touch ID Home Button utterly useless... This case prices at $99 and will be available in Janauary (2014). Typo has caught the attention of the American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest to where the TV personality and a friend put down $1-Million to invest in the startup company... 

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