Monday, December 23, 2013

This Smart Lightbulb Keeps Working Even When the Power Goes Out... (video)

One of my biggest pet-peeves when the power goes out (other than the power going out) is searching for a flashlight and maneuvering down into the basement to flip the breaker switch... Wouldn't it be cool if your lights 'stayed on' even when the power goes out...?! 

We are in luck, 'cuz the SmartCharge™ by Shailendra Surman does just that. 
Check out the Kickstarter video below: 

The SmartCharge is currently a Kickstarter project that's looking to raise $50,000 and start shipping in April next year (2014). So far it's at about $10,000 shy of its goal with almost a month to go, so it's looking pretty good that this will become an actual product someday.

via techland

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