Saturday, December 21, 2013

The New Moto X Magazine Ad Allows You To Change Colors on the Printed Page (video)

Next month (January) Wired magazine will be running a very creative and interactive ad for the new Moto X. The ad will allow the viewer to change the color of the phone right on the printed page of the magazine issue. 
-Check it out in action and how it works below: 

The trick is pulled off using a piece of plexiglass inside a page of polycarbonate paper, LEDs, a handful of lithium batteries, and some smart circuitry. The end result is a only sightly bulkier-than-normal page sandwiched in the middle of Wired's January print issue. 
The ad will allow you to toggle between 11 different colors to tailor the back of the Moto X's backplate with. If your interested in getting your hands on this issue, it will only be shipping out to some 153,000 subscribers and newsstands in the New York and Chicago metro areas. Great way to start off the new year...!!

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