Monday, December 30, 2013

The 'Air Rope': A Portable Rescue Bridge (5pics)

When it comes to devices that save human lives in remote and isolated areas such as natural disasters, being portable and easy to set up are key features. The Air Rope by designers Lee Yong Ho, Lee Jee Won & Lee Juan is not only a viable solution, but also won the 2013 Red Dot Award.
Check it out and how it works below: 

The Air Rope is an inflatable rescue tunnel that can be deployed during flood situations. It is a safer option to the rope pulley system and is easier to use. Instead of braving the torrent and crossing the river to secure a pulley system, the inflatable air walk is used. Air is pumped into a doughnut-shaped fabric tube that extends into a round tunnel.

• It can be used as a thoroughfare across a river when secured to the ground and a tree at each end.• A motor and propeller create a powerful flow of air.• The air nozzle has a screw-in profile to prevent air leakage.• Aluminum alloy, which is light and strong, is used for the metal components. When deflated, the tube can be folded and packed into its storage case.

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