Monday, December 9, 2013

Smart Pants: Underwear For Your Smartphone (video)

Leave it to the country known for their wacky gameshows and sex robots... Japan is back at it again with another novelty design that is all the rage in Asia: Rubber Underwear for your smartphone... 
Check out the very awkward commercial for them below: 

Smart Pants are designed to make your phone feel not naked and to 'protect' your home button with a soft rubber cushion. For the mere price of $2-bucks (a piece) you can protect your phone with a variety of tighty-whities and panties.... 

Hisashi Moriuchi, age 27, is a toy designer from the Vending Machine Business Department at Bandai. He came up with the idea during a brain storming session with his colleague from the same department. "I was asked by my boss to come out with something amusing to sell in capsule vending machines. So I thought it would be funny to dress up my iPhone with underwear."
"The purpose of the smart pants to protect their sexual organs, their most sensitive spot. Well, on the Android phones, that's the home button and the same with the iPhone. It just feels right to cover it up nicely."

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