Monday, December 30, 2013

Saving Ocean Life with 3-D Printed Reefs (video)

The Ocean is swarming with fascinating life with curious locations yet to be discovered. Unfortunately because of pollution, overfishing and costal development areas such as Coral Reefs are disappearing at a dramatic rate... According to the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences, in the waters by China, 80% of the coral reefs have died over the last 30 years...!! 
Turns out technology has an answer: 
Bring back the ocean life environment with 3-D printed reefs
Reef Arabia designs and manufactures artificial reefs with a view to regenerating precious ocean habitat and improving fish populations, particularly critical in Bahrain, where overfishing has vastly diminished marine life.The Reef Arabia team - made up of experts from the local area and members of Australia-based Sustainable OceanInternational (SOI) already submerged nearly 3,000 concrete Reef Balls and custom designed reef units near Bahrain, successfully attracting new fish populations and helping replace some of the reefs Bahrain has lost. 

The 3D printing technology has allowed the Reef Arabia team to create the more intricate designs found in natural coral structures. "With 3D printing we can get closer to natural designs because of its ability to produce very organic shapes and almost lay down material similar to how nature does it."

via forbes

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