Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PetChatz... Because Actually Spending Time With Your Pet Is Too Much Work... (video)

PetChatz is a device that allows you to literally see and talk to your pet when your away at work or doing something more important than being with your best furry friend... 
The built in camera and microphone give you remote access to helplessly watch your dog tear apart your couch cushions and slippers while your away.... 
Be with your pet from anywhere throughout your day. During the moments you miss your pet the most, simply connect through your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
PetChatz® gives your pet a joyful sensory experience. They see you, hear you, and feel your love with the tasty treats and soothing scents you provide. Your day becomes a little easier; the time away feels a little shorter. 

...pretty cool idea. 
Not quite sure if they guarantee that your pet doesn't rip the device off the wall to get all the treats locked within or if the product comes with extra ear plugs for your fellow co-workers so they don't get totally annoyed by your crazy antics by video chatting with an animal... 

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